3 in 1 Hair Removal Machine

3 in 1 Hair Removal Machine

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3 in 1 Hair Removal Machine

Work Theory

All treatment requirements are satisfied by this one system called SHR-950S that combines IPL, E-light and SHR technology.

Hair follicles are gently heated by the SHR mode, giving tingling sensation and warmth feeling to the client. Many people felt they are given a warm massage.

In the In-Motion technology utilized by the SHR mode, as the name implies, a hand piece is always in motion over the skin.


  • Hair removal that lasts forever
  • Removal of hair in an unwanted areas, like legs, lips and under arms
  • Rejuvenation of skin
  • Tighten skin ans shrink all pores
  • Improve elasticity and glossiness of skin
  • Removal of pigmentation
  • Pigments that can be removed include sunburn, aged spots, freckles and chloasma
  • Removal of acne


Wave Length

HR: 650-950nm SR: 560-950nm


IPL & E-light: 10-50 J/cm2 SHR: 1-10J/ cm2


IPL & E-light: 1 HZ SHR: 1-8 HZ

RF Power


Input Power

Power Source Pure Sapphire


UK lamp, guarantee 300,000 shots

Spot Size

10*40mm for SR, 15*50 mm for HR

Cooling System

Watering Cooli n g + Air cooling + Semi Conductor cooling

Treatment advantage of SHR950S:

  • Spot size is super large that quickly and easily perform hair removal
  • Treatment heads have auto identified system that allows changing of position upon installation of hand pieces
  • A UK importer flash lamp is fitted into the system that has 300 000 shots life span
  • Users do not have to worry about safety, as the system has an intellectual temperature and water flow protectors
  • A pure sapphire crystal goes into the making of treatment head
  • Painless results are possible with the combination of diode laser hair removal technology and intense pulsating light technology used in the system