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HIFU Machines

  1. Face lifting Machine

    • No side effects appear after the treatment
    • Painless and safe procedure
    • Length of Treatment: 5.0~30mm 5.0/Stage Regulation
    • Treatment Tip: DS4-3.0mm, DS4-1.5mm and DS4-4.5mm
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  2. HIFU Body Shaping Machine

    • Non invasive body shaping device
    • Reducing fat on abdomen, thighs and Buttocks
    • Only targets tissue in fixed depth
    • Used 40khz Ultra sound cavitation
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  3. HIFU Slimming Machine

    • Intelligent regulation, touch screen, easy to operate
    • No danger of trauma and infection
    • No wound, no anesthesia, no injection and no drugs during treatment
    • Touch screen interface and easy to operate
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