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Skin Laser Machine

  1. Skin Treatment Laser Machine

    • Light source: Q-Switch ND: YAG solid-state laser
    • Output energy: 1064nm: 100- 2 500mj; 532nm:100- 12 00mj
    • Energy density(max): 1064nm: 15.0 ; 532nm:6
    • 10.4inch TFT color touch screen
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  2. Painfree RF Wrinkle Removal Device

    • Needle Depth (Invasive): 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm
    • RF Conduct. Time: 0.1s-2s(0.1s unit)
    • RF Output: 1W-50W(1W unit)
    • Work Mode: CW mode, Pulse Mode
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  3. CO2 Laser Tube

    • Power: 1~30W step adjustable each 1 W
    • Pulse: Power 1~30W step adjustable each 1
    • Treatment area: 0.1*0.1mm, ----- 15*15mm.(F=50mm)
    • Working mode: 360 degree revolution
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  4. Cryo Skin Cooling Device

    • Auto defrosting system
    • Used to decrease injury and pain amid laser treatment
    • Long Pulse, diode laser, ND: YAG, IPL or alesandrite laser
    • Laser hair expulsion through Long Pulse
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  5. CO2 Glass Tube

    • Works for 4 – 6 years without recharging
    • No requirement for outer water cooler
    • More better thermal dispersal
    • Very easy to learn and operate
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  6. Q Switch nd yag laser skin care machine

    • Cooling System: Built-in distilled water-circle system
    • Output energy Level: 1-2000mj
    • Repetition Rate: 1-10hz adjustable
    • No harm to the hair follicle and normal skin during process
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  7. Fractional CO2 Laser

    • Laser source: Metal RF co2 Laser Generator
    • Focal length of working head: F=50mm 75mm 100mm
    • Transmission System: 7-Articulation Joint Spring Arm
    • Indication Beam: Red Diode Laser(650nm, ≤ 5mW)
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